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Prager Metis Technology delivers the world’s best technology solutions to elevate your firm to the next level.


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Cyber Security

An end-to-end integrated solution for existing platforms. 


Advanced Analytics and Artificial INtelligence

Business transformation enabled by advanced analytics and knowledge automation.

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Risk Management and Business Intelligence

 Managing risk is embedded throughout our services. 

Industries Served

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Intelligent Analytic Capabilities...delivered

Data is useless without the skills to analyze it.  Prager Metis Technology's modeling and analytics platform and team have been delivering solutions for years and will enable your employee's innovation, insight and business value.

Our agile solutions work in all sized organizations.  Fortune 1000 organizations can experience solutions that the traditional large consultancies can't deliver.  Plus in smaller organizations, we can bring you proven experience and methodologies that have worked in larger global organizations, now sized to your business. The best of both worlds.  

Our Innovation Framework applies emerging achievements in robotics and cognitive science to business methods and technology.  You'll now have the ability to fill gaps in your existing capabilities instead of seeking to replace functioning platforms.  We will deliver value by focusing on holistic analysis, evidence quality and contextual accuracy.

We call it Evidenced Based Decisioning


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Solutions

Prager Metis Technology's platform helps to differentiate our services and allows us to identify and discover discrepancies that no other firm can. We are the first firm to bring this type of innovation to the management consulting space.  

Where To Begin

A simulation model allows us to show you the value of options and tradeoffs in every type of scenario.  We build the solution in a virtual model to actually see the benefits before any implementation. With data, we can identify the “right” and the “wrong” in how data was and is being processed. This simulated Discovery Analytics approach is far different and much more powerful from the regular filters or queries that competitive firms might use. 

Cybersecurity & Risk Intelligence Platform, Products & Services:

Prager Metis Technology delivers industry leading, cost-effective end-to-end agnostic integrated solution developed by industry leading partners with measurable ROI. Our unique & proprietary methodologies integrate into you existing platforms driving down the cost to use, train and update. Finally, our subject matter and related industry expertise can be retained globally to provide solutions that create measurable savings to you. 



Strategic Risk - it's today's reality


Today's reality is that change is the new constant. Managing risk effectively has always been a touchstone of the most successful companies. But in today’s risk-filled business environment, it can be hard for executives to have confidence that their plans and strategies will play out as expected. A big reason is that strategic risks – those that either affect or are created by business strategy decisions – can strike more quickly than ever before. Companies that fall behind on the innovation curve may quickly fall prey to innovation’s evil twin – disruption. That is just one of the reasons managing strategic risk has become a high priority for many executives.