Cyber Security

Prager Metis Technology puts a human behind the wheel. Many web application assessments are highly automated. They produce a high volume of false positives and overlook application behavior that an expert security analyst would find. Our findings are validated, and our consultants will work with your development staff to make sure that no stone is left unturned and that the results of your assessment are accurate.

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Penetration Testing And Vulnerability Assessments

Prager Metis Technology's intelligence-led penetration testing employs the same tools, tactics, and procedures actively being used by cyber adversaries as they pertain to your business.  Except now they’re working for you.

The methodology in this approach involves intelligence collection, reconnaissance, exploitation, and attack. Information gathered during intelligence collection is used in conjunction with passive and active reconnaissance. Reconnaissance activity typically yields details about specific hardware, services, and software employed by the target organization. The next phase involves analyzing all accumulated information to develop comprehensive threat models. Threat models provide the foundation for how exploitation and post exploitation activities will be conducted.  If a vulnerability is identified and is able to be exploited, PragerMetis Technologies will attempt to gain additional access into the target network.  To minimize operational impact of testing, vetted tools, methodologies, and analyst experience were employed to prevent such degradation of denial of service to the target environment.


Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Have you ever wondered how you stack up to the numerous and voluminous cyber security standards and regulations?  Prager Metis Technology can deploy a state of the art automated Cyber Security Risk Assessment (CSRA) platform that can cross-walk and assess how your organization's risks, controls and operations compare to over 34 different standards and regulations.  From NIST, ISO to HIPPA, PCI, GDPR and NYS DFS, we have you covered. This holistic view enterprise-wide information security by business segment or entity is invaluable and unique to Prager Metis Technology.  

Reporting and Road Map to Success

The CSRA provides leadership the necessary reporting on controls, weaknesses and recommendations.  Metrics based dashboarding with benchmarking and comparative analysis point management to trends in their business and external threats. The CSRA  controls and evaluations are updated based on information data bases accumulated and learned from real world breaches.


Data Breach Services

Are you ready for your data breach?  It’s not a matter of if, but when you’ll be a victim of an attack. PragerMetis Technology has cost-effective end-to-end agnostic integrated solutions that help you be proactive in identifying and mitigating your potential cyber risk. Timely response is critical to recovery.  Our services include forensic and investigative activities, assessment and audit services, crisis team management and communications to executive management and board of directors. Data continues to show that the length of time the hackers have access to the data before they were stopped or mitigated is far too long. The faster the data breach can be identified and contained, the lower the costs. We work to contain and notify you immediately and use predictive analytics to assess and prepare for any oncoming potential attacks.


Monitoring Services

Prevention alone is no longer an effective security strategy. PragerMetis Technology’s security experts focus on detection in addition to prevention in order to keep your assets safe. We monitor your endpoints in real-time to identify threats, respond, isolate and contain attacks before data is exfiltrated, assets are further compromised, or irreversible damage is done. Our team’s approach to Endpoint Security Monitoring incorporates the full security lifecycle of Prevention, Detection and Incident Response.

PragerMetis Technology monitors your networks in real-time, using advanced behavioral analytics to proactively identify threats, discover and track all assets, scan for vulnerabilities, provides Intrusion Detection, and SIEM log monitoring.


Risk Advisory

Most companies want to get ahead of known and unknown risks.  Traditional risk management programs can often be reactive, slow and biased resulting in many risks going unmonitored and unmitigated until it is too late.  Prager Metis Technology has developed a line of sight into emerging risks and opportunities.  Our solution has the capability to capture management’s mindset from internal documentation and data.  It is optimized for modeling abstract, complex and systemic scenarios which enables discovery of unknown or not clearly defined issues and requirements.  That's unique and eye opening for our clients.

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Audit and Risk Solutions

Audit, Risk and Compliance are continually evolving to meet the demands of various stakeholders. There is always the pressure of doing more with less. We believe that this is a great opportunity to assess where you can bring the most value. We provide a wide range of services for your organization, from staffing and expertise through advanced analytics and knowledge automation.


Prager Metis Technology's ability to break down information silos and bridge the chasm between structured, unstructured and financial data is unique in the marketplace.  We'll allow you to see across the information highway and holistically bring a different view to your audit and compliance processes.

Project Management, Staffing and Consulting Expertise

A unique solution to architect and maintain effective project management programs. We know you can't predict the future, but we will help you navigate it.  It's not about the typical project management software because nearly all project management tasks are performed by the knowledge experts.  Our solution is to capture and synthesize project plans, risk guidance and most importantly the expertise from the project participants into our knowledge engineering platform.  Once captured, we produce the results to determine the significant risk parameters and paths. These applied results are now part of a project expertise application that gives you controls over requirements and activities tailored to your organization and implementation methods.

 We know you don't always have the staff or expertise you need.  Whether it's due to a new product or service or other staffing shortfall, Prager Metis Technology is here to help.  We can co-source or outsource various part time and full time staff, provide full time recruiting on a case by case basis and provide expertise staffing arrangements – bringing you the best in the industry all under one brand and umbrella.


Policy and Procedure Rationalization

With operational and regulatory landscape changes, the need to understand and rationalize the inter-connectivity of all of these expertise bases is increasing important.  Corporate Governance and the recent changes in the COSO requirements also add to the uncertainty that organizations face today.  
Our solution provides you the ability to 

  • Identify gaps in policies and procedures

  • Fill high priority gaps

  • Deliver SME tools to streamline and, where feasible, automate ongoing internal activities to:

  • Rationalize content across policy domains

  • Improve quality and usability of procedures

  • Ensure consistent application of core competencies that drive competitive advantage

Cost Recovery Solutions


Prager Metis Technology's cost recovery and savings initiatives are specifically geared towards finding savings nuggets located within any business. We perform an advanced analytical examination and identify the best opportunity in under a week.  The effort to get these underway is minimal and our client’s expected internal effort will be mostly under 40 hours in total.  


Our process is not a “one and done” approach but rather an ongoing continuous monitoring that continues to pay dividends over the next 3-5 years.  We can identify a specific opportunity in under a week and most of our clients add one or two of these a year.